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Photo Gallery


Every morning, B.D. Jones, does a pushup to exercise his muscles. Since he invented the pushup, he is very popular and skilled with it. Sometimes he can do two pushups.

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Sexy Modelling

B.D. Jones, models for his fellow designers. Voted best looking male model of the year by the blind and workers of B.D. Jones, he has several magazines based on him. His natural good looks comes from a diet of sugar, chocolate, and McDonalds.

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Shedding some Clothing

B.D. Jones becomes too hot for his blazer. Once he enters a room, the temperature goes up 10 degrees due to his hotness. At model walks he often throws his clothes at the fans and they become worth millions of dollars.

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Turning to the dark side

B.D. Jones is tempted and lured in by the dark side of the force. The temptation of power was too much for him to handle. He is now known as Darth Uglius. Fully trained in the dark arts, he is a threat to all Jedis.

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An impish Brian

B.D. Jones looked like this before he joined the dark side. Playful and innocent he was. Note the impish grin on his face. Hahahahahaha.

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B.D. Jones thinking...for once

B.D. Jones thinking hard about his companies next move. Two hours later, he is still in the same pose. Some people say he's a genius who takes time to think while others say he fell asleep with his eyes open.

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Brian practices his sorcery of the dark arts. He attempts to generate force lightning using the force. Thinking he can vanquish his enemies using the dark arts, he tries to execute the cameraman. Nothing, of course, happens.

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B.D. Jones is not happy

B.D. Jones is not very happy with his company. When hes mad he stares at the person until they break. Also known as pretrification because his great great great great mother was Medusa.

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B.D. Jones is not too bright

Brian wasn't the brightest in the class. It took him ten minutes of repeatedly putting his finger into the fan to realize it was not good for his health.

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B.D. Jones late for class

Brian in Biology 11 is late for class. "Does it look I care," says a carefree Brian Jones. A true testament of his will and he laughs at Mr. Butler.

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B.D. Jones wanting a better grade

When Brian got 50% on his exam, he went up to Mr. Butler and demanded a better mark because he drew a nice picture at the end of the exam. When Mr. Butler refused, Brian got violent and threatened his life with a very dangerous rubber band.

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B.D. Jones without makeup

Brian Jones without makeup. This is him smiling. You wouldn't want to see him angry. "You won't like it when I'm angry," says Brian before turning into the Incredible Hulk.

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