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Super Smash Brothers Melee (Gamecube) 10/10
"I didn't like this one as much as I liked the original. The timing and gravity of the game is all different and it becomes more difficult to execute certain combos. However, the game is more balanced but the screen shakes everytime you hit someone and it makes me dizzy. I don't like it when i get dizzy. Also, certain characters, like luigi, are not very good."
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The Wind Waker (Gamecube) 10/10
"This game was pretty good. It had a huge ocean which the story took place in. The graphics, however, were somewhat childish and underrated for such a good system. The storyline was pretty good. The items are good and fighting is extremely fun. Sailing for half the game, however, gets extremely repetitive and boring."
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Pikmin2 (Gamecube) 10/10
"This game was kinda fun. It gets kind of repetitive and there are blatant subliminal messages like a coke bottle that you have to pull out and nintendo systems and other products so I deducted points for that. The Pikmin themselves are only good in vast numbers and they can become extremely frustrating."
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Custom Robo (Gamecube) 10/10
"This game was pretty good, even though no one else plays it at WPGA. The storyline is people have robots in a game and they fight each other. Some evil person has a powerful robot and the main character must kill his robot."
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The Legend of Zelda Master Quest (Gamecube) 10/10
"This was one of the best games made by Nintendo. The revised version of The Legend of Zelda has totally new dungeons, bosses, and hidden secrets. The graphics are edited and are less blotchy. The storyline may be the same but only true players can defeat the bosses that dwell in the dungeons. I beat this game during exam week."
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Time Splitters (Gamecube) 10/10
"This game was fun, seriously. Seriously, this game was awesome. It had really funny parts which I constantly tell my friends about over and over again. Hold on, Jamie would laugh. Okay this one part right? The guy and girl are waiting for an elevator and he gets in and she looks at him and says 'I'll take the next one.' Hahahahahahaha. Lol. Oh well I found it funny."
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Wario Ware (Gamecube) 10/10
"This is my favorite game to play with friends. It is extremely fun and entertaining and I practice during my spare time. The graphics are the same as a gameboy and the games are completely random and pointless so I love it! For example, a banana will appear on screen and you have to press A as fast as possible.
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Star Ocean (Playstation 2) 10/10
"This game looks awesome. Although certain scenes are a tad too long with a lot of talking, the renewed fighting style of square-enix has been a great success. Rather than the old turn based fighting style, Star Ocean has introduced a new one where the fighter can actually see the enemies on the field rather than random battles. Once the battle is initiated, one can fight in third person rather than tell the character a move which he or she will execute. You are in full control of the character instead of the character standing in one spot and casting "Fire" for example."
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Final Fantasy X (Playstation 2) 10/10
"This game was a really fun game to play. It starts off in the future with "machina" or machines. The main character, Tidus, is playing blitzball at a stadium with thousands of cheering fans. Blitzball is like playing soccer underwater and you can use your hands. They play in a circular sphere filled with water and there is a net at the left and right side of the sphere. Along with a keeper, or goalie, each team has five additional players who try and score on the other keeper. Tackling is common and legal as it is a full contact sport. It's a great game to play and goes along with traditional turn based final fantasy style fighting. The plot is very entertaining and unpredictable which keeps the player guessing until the very end. A great game to play.
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Star Wars Battlefront (Playstation 2) 10/10
"This game follows along with the Star Wars character. Although it does not follow the storyline, it uses the same machines, guns, and teams. I didn't like the game for some parts because, for example, you can't kill a jedi even if you are in a tank or your entire team is shooting the one Jedi. The game lost points in my review for this. Also, the AI on the player's team act really stupidly. They walk straight into enemy fire so I deducted points for that too. Still, it was a great game to waste your time on.
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Serious Sam (Playstation 2) 10/10
"This game was pretty good, even though everyone else hated it. There is no plot and the graphics are extremely blotchy but i liked the game. It it very fast paced and you often can't keep track of what's happeneing. It is rated mature due to its graphic nature and sexuality."
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Starcraft Brood War (PC) 10/10
"This game consists of three races: humans, protoss, and zerg. The humans shipped off their criminals to a planet they thought was abandoned. However, on arrival, the criminals come in contact with a weird race. Along with a single player campaign that is extremely and very funny to play. There is an online component in the game. On average, 50, 000 people are online at any given time either competing against each other, teaming up against another team, or playing custom made maps such as, "escape weed world," "nuke the whales," and "capture the flag."
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Warcraft III Frozen Throne (PC) 10/10
"This game consists of four races: human, orc, undead, night elf. The humans and orcs have always been at war since they met when their worlds became joined by a portal. However, in this new version they face a common enemy, the burning legion who control the undead. The Night Elf are also against this new threat who come to take over the land. Eventually the burning legion is vanquished but a new power arises. Arthas, who used to be a knight, turned into a death knight and is leading the undead to victory

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