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Brian David Jones (to become the great B.D. Jones) was born on October 15, 1988 in the beautiful metropolis of Vancouver, Canada. The son of a prominent police officer in the Vancouver Police Department (his father) and a Lawyer (his mother), Brian knew from birth that he was destined for great things. As a young 2 year-old, he often dreamed about the great company he was destined to found. Ever the visionary, he envisioned a company which would produce anything. Aside from that, Brian's early childhood was also spent playing games such as tag with his friends (or lack thereof), his favourite being "Rabid Monkeys" (pronounced 'ray-bid monkeys', thanks to his inability to pronounce words at this young age). Young Brian also enjoyed reading, watching ridiculously stupid TV shows, playing video games (his favourite being "Custom Robo") and surfing the net.

However, in his teen years, disaster struck, or a miracle depending on your point of view. An 18 year-old Brian was climbing a lightning conductor on the Wall Center in downtown Vancouver to get a better view of his house (which is nowhere near the Wall Center) during a lightning storm. He was struck 200 times by lightning bolts. Miraculously, he survived and found that the multiple lighting strikes gave him extraordinary intelligence and powers. He now knew that his puny high school education could no longer serve him as he knew everything there was to know in the universe. He also understood that he could no longer associate himself with other humans and their insect existence save, of course, his friends. As we all know, he then changed his name to Bee Dee Jones, or B.D. Jones. B.D. Jones was now ready to begin building his multi-trillion dollar empire.

One week later, he was a trillionaire. He first began selling fur coats and theatre costumes before expanding the company to web design. He sponsored the making of many famous sites, none of which are linked to this website. His career then skyrocketed.

Today, B.D. Jones has over three billion employees, over a half a billion offices around the world, and is worth over 999 trillion dollars and 99 cents. Despite of his humble beginnings, B.D. Jones has become one of the world's most respected individuals. His wisdom is truly an inspiration to all of us.

This quote is a testament to his sense of humour:

"When I was young I never thought I would reach where I am today, and to this day I still have no idea how to run a company"

-B.D. Jones

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